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Why I Write About Life as an Art Therapist in Private Practice

Art Therapist Jackie Schuld created a collage of a flower and the phrase "hoping for some real change." It was created in her Tucson Art Therapy Private Practice as hope for the art therapy profession.
"Hoping for Some Real Change" Collage by Jackie Schuld

I write

For the art therapist who is burnt out

For the new art therapy graduate who hasn’t been given an accurate picture of what’s possible

For the therapist who is scared to make the jump to private practice

For the art therapy profession that deserves far more than it asks

For the mental health profession that needs more vision

For the healers who need to heal themselves

For the clients who wonder if their therapists struggle too

For the therapists who want to live the things they teach

For the therapists in the middle of change and scared as hell

For the therapist who was told she needs more experience, licenses, or whatever other bullshit before she can earn more

For all the things I wish I had been told

For all the things I wish did not exist

And for all things I want to exist


Thank you for reading. If you're a creative therapist who wants more for their life, I'd love to help. You can learn about my business consultation here.


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