About Me

Hello! I'm Jackie. I am overflowing with joy and awe that I am a counselor and art therapy practitioner. I love what I do. It blends my insatiable interest in psychology, my love of art, and my desire to help people live more intentional, meaningful lives. 

I love that every day I get to have deep conversations with others  about topics that significantly impact their well-being. I love working together to explore the answers to complex questions,

Who am I?

What is the point of my life?

How do I stop worrying so much?

My life seems good, why can't I manage to be happy?

I've intentionally worked to face and explore my own questions. I know change is possible because I've walked that journey and see it around me daily. I feel honored to bring the hope to others that at times felt very out of reach to me.  

I see the therapeutic role as a sacred trust and seek to honor you and all that you are. It is my hope that our work together will help you to strengthen your skills, heal wounds, increase your confidence, and empower you to overcome suffering, detrimental patterns, and limitations. My ultimate goal is to reconnect you with yourself and help you build a joyful, meaningful life. 

I love that I get to do this through art therapy, which allows for a magical blend of insight, science, connection, creation, and expression. If you'd like to read more about art therapy and what to expect in a session, you can read here. If you'd like to learn more about my services, you can read here. My services are inclusive to all sexual orientations and gender identities.


I think the greatest education in our lives can come from our life experiences and interactions with others. I've captured some of my experiences in my books, which you can see here.

My formal education came from Prescott College, where I graduated with a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Expressive Art Therapy.

While in school, I completed a year-long (600+ hours) art therapy internship at a Tucson charter high school. I provided individual art therapy to adolescents (aged 14-22) and taught two art-therapy based classes for grief and identity development.

Afterward, I competed an internship for mental health counseling at Tucson Counseling Associates (TCA). I provided over 500 hours of individual, couples, and family therapy. I worked primarily with adults on issues of anxiety, depression, identity, and relationship strain.  

I am a Licensed Associate Counselor in the state of Arizona and am in the process of acquiring national licensure for art therapy. I am currently supervised by a board certified art therapist, which allows me to meet with clients to provide art therapy.

OUtside the office

I believe it is important for us to allow space in our lives for things that recharge, replenish, and nourish the soul.

For me, those things include connecting with my loved ones, spending time in nature, exercising, reading, journaling, puzzling (that's right - I love puzzles!) and creating art. I also love exploring new places and hunting down unique art materials for my art therapy studio. 

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