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Art Therapy for Late-Identified Autistics

I provide monthly expressive arts therapy for late-identified autistics and those who suspect they might be autistic. 

Many autistic individuals go unseen and undiagnosed for years.



The standards for recognizing and diagnosing autism are largely based on external behaviors that are present in a limited amount of autistics.

Turns out, autism presents differently in adults, women, and non-gender conforming folx. Furthermore, autism is more about an interior experience than an exterior one.


Learning you are autistic is life altering. It's like everything changes at once, and yet nothing changes at all.

I know because I am a late-identified autistic. I used to think I was broken and endlessly tried therapy and other modalities to "fix" myself.


Turns out, I just have a different neurotype. Now that I understand that, my life is far better. I love the way my autistic mind works. I didn't always know how to work with it though - it took time to learn new strategies. It also took time to understand my autistic characteristics, re-evaluate my past, share my new identity with others, and shift key aspects of my life to better support my autistic way of being. 

I now help autistic clients to do the same. Through expressive arts art therapy, I help people: 

  • Explore if they are autistic

  • Uncover all of their autistic characteristics (sensory, body, emotions, mind, passion, and social)

  • Develop strategies to work with their autistic minds

  • Explore coping skills for meltdowns and other challenging aspects 

  • Navigate difficulties with friends and family 

  • Discuss  how to thrive as an autistic person in a neurotypical world.

We meet once a month for one hour to focus on your unique needs. I then give you expressive arts activities to help you process, integrate, express, and explore the topics we discuss.

What is expressive arts therapy?

It is any modality of art: painting, writing, drawing, poetry, clay, and more. We'll work together to find the best modalities for your personal exploration. Some clients prefer just to write, some only want to do art, and some want a mix of everything.

We'll continue to meet monthly until you have all of the clarity, understanding, and strategies you need for autism and the other challenges present in your life. 

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