What is

Art Therapy?

Art therapy combines the creative arts with traditional talk therapy (I frequently use cognitive behavioral therapy, transpersonal psychology, existential psychology, and mindfulness). Art has the power to help us fully express our emotions, heal old wounds, re-discover parts of ourselves, and make us feel more alive. It connects us to ourselves and the world around us.


Sometimes people tell me, “But I can’t draw!” Don't worry! Art therapy is not about perfect artistic form or realistic images. Art therapy is about expression and the process of creation.

Art therapy involves all forms of art - from clay to painting to poetry. I might ask you to crush clay or scribble across a page. Other times you might create collage or simple stick figure drawing. The focus is not on the end product. It's about how the art lets you express emotions and connect with parts of yourself.

If you have no artistic experience, art therapy can still help you. It has been my experience that people who are introduced to something new often create directly from their heart - which is exactly the connection we want. I will always meet you exactly where you are in artistic skill, interest, and creativity. We can incorporate as little or much art into your session as you want.

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