Create your Ideal
Private Practice

I Want therapists to thrive 

I help therapists create and run life-enhancing, sustainable, and financially thriving private practices.

Why? Because I love the work we do as therapists. It is valuable and there needs to be more of it in the world.

AND I want our careers to be emotionally, mentally, and financially sustainable.

Who I work With

Therapists who want to create a private Practice

Jackie Schuld art therapy studio in Tucson
Are you thinking of starting a private practice? Are you trying to decide when to take the leap? 

I work with therapists who want to create a private practice that supports their financial, time, energy, and soul needs. I'm talking about a practice that is with your ideal clients, with your ideal schedule, and your ideal income. We aren't taught how to do this in grad school. It can feel scary and overwhelming to venture out. I am here to help.

I'll tailor your consultation to what you need. Some of the things I can help you do:
  • Determine your fee that fits YOUR needs

  • Create a plan for concluding with your existing job

  • Resolve money mindset concerns ("How can I be social justice minded AND charge premium fees?)

  • Set your ideal weekly schedule 

  • Find your niche

  • Select practice software

  • Review necessary business paperwork (LLC, EIN, etc.)

  • Work through all the fear that comes up in the process

Therapists who run a private practice and feel burnt out

Are you running a private practice and realize you're exhausted, it's not what you thought it would be, and you're considering quitting?

I want to help. Why? Because I've been there. In less than a year, I grew my practice to $10,000/mo and 25+ clients a week. But I was exhausted.  And questioning if I really wanted to be a therapist. I had recreated the grind culture and oppressive systems I had sought to escape.  

Empowered therapist

I took stock and made changes. MASSIVE changes. I increased my fees. I honored my ideal schedule (12 clients MAX a week, M-TH). I shifted from seeing adolescents to adults only. I implemented a no-cancellation policy. And so much more. AND IT FEELS AMAZING.

I want to help other therapists do the same. 

I tailor your consultation time to your needs. Some of the things I can help you do: 

  • Determine your fee that fits YOUR needs

  • Raise your fee with existing clients

  • Resolve money mindset concerns ("How can I be social justice minded AND charge premium fees?)

  • Implement a cancellation policy or no cancellation policy 

  • Shift to your ideal weekly schedule

  • Tailor your practice to your ideal client population

How it works

Determine what you want

Writing business goals

Before you reach out, write down what you want. What would your ideal practice look like? What is or isn't working for you? What would you like to get out of us working together? 

Make sure I'm for you

If you're looking for someone to give you a cookie cutter approach ("Five steps to building a private practice"), then I'm not for you. I'm here to help you create YOUR ideal practice. I'll listen to what you want to build, ask deep questions, and help you create a step-by-step plan to make it happen. 

Request a discovery Call

You can schedule a free 20 minute discovery call here. Once you schedule, I will email you with a questionnaire for our meeting.

During our discovery call, we will discuss your needs and determine if we are a good fit for each other. We will then discuss which consultation plan is right for you.

Consultation Options

I offer two consultation options. We'll discuss your needs during the discovery call and determine which is the right fit for you. 

  • Consistent Consultation: We schedule to meet regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) via phone/video until your ideal private practice is fully functioning and you feel confident. This is for individuals who are ready to act now and want consistent support as they implement change. 

  • Intensive Consultation: We schedule a 3 hr meeting to help you create a strategic vision and plan. This is for therapists who need support in organizing and planning, and then feel ready to implement it on their own. 

Art Therapist Jackie Schuld


Your 20 minute discovery call is free.

The cost of consultation is based on the package you pick:

  • Consistent Consultation: $250/60 min, scheduled weekly or bi-weekly

  • Intensive Consultation: $750/3 hrs