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All That is Possible When You Start a Business

This is a letter I wrote to my grandma, who died in January 2023. I sometimes write her letters when I miss her. I am choosing to share this letter as encouragement to other new business owners and therapists thinking about starting a private practice. It shows how much is possible.


Dear Grandma,

I am buzzing with energy and aliveness right now. I just got off my annual tax meeting with my accountant.

Continuous Line Illustration by Jackie Schuld

I’m actually getting money back!! Do you remember my first year of business when I owed $5,000?! I had so much less money then and I was even paying someone to do monthly bookkeeping with me. I was so frustrated and demoralized.

Remember how I then had to scramble to find a new accountant who was absurdly expensive?! It then turned out that they made a $2,000 mistake. It was just crazy. I was so upset I even wrote an essay about it.

And now, here I am doing my own bookkeeping and handling everything on my own… and it went so smoothly that I actually am getting a refund. It’s just unbelievable. So much is unbelievable.

It’s incredible how much I didn’t know when I started my business. I didn’t know I needed an LLC. I didn’t know the difference between an S-Corp and a sole proprietorship. I just did the best with the information I had at the time.

Yes, jumping into things had consequences, but I’ve been alright in the long run. In fact, I am more than alright.

Thank you again for standing by my side as I went through all of those risks and changes. Everything in my life is farrrrrrr easier now. I have far more money saved, I understand far better what I’m doing. My schedule is on point. I’m making extra money from writing. It’s just unbelievable how far I’ve come.

I know your life wasn’t all about me, but sometimes it feels like you lived long enough to make sure all was well in my life. After mom died, I went through some very, very rough years. I am so grateful you were there for me. I am so grateful for every time you picked up the phone. I am so grateful for the interest and concern you showed. I felt loved and seen. I think that love was a big part of me getting to where I am now.

I am so grateful you were able to see me make it to my grounded period of life. You were able to meet my husband. You were able to see me secure in my business. You were able to see me learn I am autistic. You were able to know that I am okay and content with my life.

There just aren’t sufficient words. I wish I could call you to tell you how much I appreciate you and how much you meant to me. I hope these words find their way to you.

I love you,



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