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Therapist Websites I Love

I think websites are the number one tool for private practice therapists to grow their client caseloads and attract their ideal clients.

I also know that most therapists groan at the idea of working on their website.

It can be overwhelming - from choosing what to include/exclude to crafting website copy to figuring out the design and layout.

All of the choices can make it easy to shut down, leaving “work on website” on our “to do” list week after week.

I find the best way to break out of the overwhelm is to look at other therapists’ websites. I keep track of my favorites and use them as inspiration for my website.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Its calm design/copy reflects what the therapist works on!

  • She has a killer FAQ section that clearly explains things

Amy Santana Website Home Page

  • Look at how well she caters to her ideal client!

  • The visuals are well chosen. I want my clients to feel this seen!

  • Her “services” section has wonderful visuals - and it’s clear what she offer

  • She’s not a therapist, but I love that she is upfront with how she runs her business! I loved it so much that I made my own business practices page!

  • In my notes for this website, I wrote, “I love everything!” It’s the truth. She has a great, fun vibe

  • I love how it’s very easy to know how to contact her

If there are other therapists and websites that inspire you, please share. I’m always happy to signal boost the great work of therapists!


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