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Jackie Schuld Art Therapy Blog

I Write to Uplift Art Therapists

I write daily about my experiences as an art therapist in private practice.


I want more for art therapists, its beneficiaries, myself, and the art therapy field.

I write openly about what I love about the work, as well as the challenges. I write about problematic cultural norms and myths, and how we can address them. I name the things that constrain art therapists, and how we can break free.

I share ideas on how we can live more joyfully as therapists and improve the work we do.

In essence, I want to uplift the art therapy field. I want to leave the bullshit behind (like Martyrdom Mentality), and showcase what is possible (like having a private practice that honors your mental, emotional, and financial needs).

Art Therapist Jackie Schuld shares a collage with various people and creatures to reflect how she shares about her life as an art therapist
"Sharing Who I Am" Collage by Jackie Schuld

In this endeavor, I share openly about the challenges I’ve faced, mistakes I’ve made, ignorant actions and choices, and more. I do my best to name my own problematic actions (when I have the self-awareness to do so) and take personal responsibility for my own well being, the health of my private practice, and the quality of therapy I provide.

I continually seek to do better, and part of that is through writing about my experiences. My essays help me to reflect and gain new perspectives.

It is my hope that these essays also uplift other art therapists and the art therapy field.

Art therapists do amazing work. I want more of it. I want more art therapists. I want more people to feel they can have a thriving life by becoming an art therapist. I want more art therapists who feel rested and nourished in their careers. (I want a whole lot more … and you can read that here).

I know it takes a while for organizations, systems, and professional fields to change. It is my hope that these essays contribute to some of that change, while also offering therapists an immediate alternative to agencies and businesses that burn them out. I want more art therapists to know they can continue to do the work they love and not sacrifice their well-being.


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