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What Kind of Art Does an Art Therapist Make?

I’ve been scribbling and concocting stories since I was a child. Art is such a constant in my life that it feels weird to call myself an artist. It’s like that makes it a separate component or only a portion of who I am. Art and creation just feel part of who I am.

The art I make now is largely based on whatever I’m in the mood for. I no longer sell my art, which is a huge relief (you can read more about that in my essay I’m an Artist, But I Don’t Make My Living that Way). Now that I’m an art therapist, I simply make what I feel like.

A collage I made of patterns I like

This time last year, I was experimenting with paper making. I was also doing lots of scribble drawings and exploring cutting paper into sculptures of fat bodies.

Here’s what I’ve been making lately:


I absolutely love collage. I collect books and magazines from local thrift stores and then rip out images that speak to me. I glue them down and then add other images that seem to go. I seldom have an end image in my mind. I like to add words, paint, and other embellishments. If you’re curious to see more of my collages, I frequently pair them with essays I share on my blog.

Response art I made to client sessions

Response Art

Response art is art that I make after I have a session with a client. It helps me to process what happened and not carry extra thoughts in my head. While response art can be any form of medium, I’m often drawn towards


Large Abstract Paintings

I recently purchased some paint pens that inspired me to get back into large abstract painting. I prefer abstract because there is no pressure to make it real or look like something. Usually my paintings end up being layer after layer after layer.

Large abstract painting of mine in progress

Art Journals

I’m an avid journaler, and I fill my journals with my thoughts (you can read about my journaling process here) and images that speak to current issues I’m thinking through. I’ve been journaling daily since 2017 and filled over 50 journals.

Change with Time

The kind of art I make changes over time with my mood and life experiences. This is one of the best parts of making art solely for pleasure. I get to do what I want, when I want without worrying about the consequences on any other aspect of my life.


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