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Let’s Take the Pressure Off Ourselves as Creatives: No One Piece Needs to Stand Alone

I recently read an article on Medium about an image that illustrates equity vs equality (you can see it here: The author makes an excellent point that the picture also illustrates white supremacy.

I love seeing new perspectives and digging deep into things. I sent the article to my good friend who also works in the helping profession.

While he agreed with the author’s assertion, he also pointed out that it will be very hard for one picture to get everything right.

I reflected on his words for a while. His point resonated with me on a personal level. As I write daily essays about mental health, I often feel the pressure for my essays to be able to stand alone.

"Body of Work" Illustration by Jackie Schuld

For every point I make, there are many many exceptions. Multiple things can be true at once. I know this, and yet I don’t know that my reader always will.

I may be judged by one sole essay, instead of my body of work.

This also holds true for the author of the Medium article I referenced. That author had a unique point about an image. My friend’s point also holds true. Both are true at the same time. That is fine. And just because the author pointed out something unique doesn’t mean they don’t also know how challenging it is to get everything right in an image.

As writers, illustrators, and creators, let’s take the pressure off of ourselves to have each piece be a stand alone piece of art. We can trust that our bodies of work speak for themselves.


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