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I Don’t Want Money to Be the Decision Maker in My Private Practice

My therapy client concluded therapy recently. It was time. She knew, I knew. It was the right time.

I had mixed feelings. I was amazed at how we both knew it was the right time. I was excited to not have any more evening clients (I had made an exception for her… which I will not be doing again).

I was also nervous. I run an intentionally therapy practice where I meet with a small number of clients and charge $300/80 min. All clients meet with me weekly (you can read more about why I require weekly here). So losing one client means $1,200 less a month.

An illustration of a monster that is a scribbly ball.
"Fear Monster" Illustration by Jackie Schuld

As I was processing these mixed emotions, the fear part of my brain kicked into overdrive and immediately started thinking of ways I could make more cash.

But that’s not where I want my decisions coming from. Yes, I need to make a certain amount of money to meet my budgetary needs, but I also don’t want my decisions to be based around how I can make the most money the quickest. If I did that, I’d have a practice full of adolescents that I meet with on evenings and weekends. That’s not the life I want.

I work within the niches I do (late-identified autism, overwhelming emotions and thoughts, grief, and religious deconstruction), because this is what I enjoy.

I have a small caseload because I choose to honor my energetic needs. I am autistic and anymore than 2-3 clients a day leaves me wiped out. I also structure my therapy schedule around my energy. I have the mornings to myself to write and process my thoughts (and integral part of my life) and my afternoons are sharp for my clients.

I want to make decisions that honor me.

When my client concluded and my brain started to brainstorm new marketing strategies, I was able to catch myself. I thought, "This is not what I want my brain energy for. I want my brain focused on my creativity, my clients, and enjoying the life I have."

This does not mean I don’t work hard or strategize or plan. I do, I just want to do it when it’s my designated time for that; I do not want my brain to go into overdrive when it’s my time to relax or focus on other aspects of my business and creative live.

This means keeping my brain in check. When I notice my fear or scarcity mindset kicking in, I have to remind myself that I have plans and systems in place. I can trust myself and trust the unknown. I can continue to let my creativity, energy, and intuition drive my practice.


Thanks for reading. I provide business consultation to therapists who want to create private practices that honor their needs.


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