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Art Therapy for
overwhelming Thoughts and Emotions

Who I work with

Image of a woman who struggles with depression and overwhelming emotions

I work with women who feel exhausted. They're exhausted from all of the thoughts and feelings that just won't stop.

They tell me they're "depressed" or "anxious," but have difficulty explaining why. When they sculpt or draw how they feel, it's often a giant weight on them.

Artwork created by Art Therapist Jackie Schuld that depicts feeling like life is too much

They manage to show up for work, their relationships, and all of the other parts of "adulting," but internally feel overwhelmed, sad, and disappointed with themselves

They feel they're not enough - not a good enough partner, not a good enough friend, or not a good enough human. They feel they should be "living up to their potential" and doing more for others and the world.

How i See It

And yet, they also feel they're too much. They get too upset. They cry too much. They get too overwhelmed and shut down.

They're tired of being tired, and just wish they could enjoy their lives.

When a woman with big emotions comes to me for therapy, I feel deeply for her. AND I'm excited. I'm excited to help her untangle the mess.

While others diagnose "depression" and "anxiety," I see a ball of tangled strings. All of the strings are factors that influence how a woman thinks and feels. The strings could be childhood upbringing, current relationship strain, past trauma, destructive beliefs, systemic oppression, patriarchy, and much more.

Image of a tangled ball of yarn to illustrate the causes of depression and anxiety

It's a lot. And it's no wonder women are confused, overwhelmed, exhausted, and don't know where to start.

How Art Therapy Helps

Image of a woman painting and doing art therapy

Most women I work with know they easily get lost or stuck in their thoughts. Art helps us to move past these stuck points and untangle the strings.

Through art making and conversation, we begin to untangle the mess and start to make sense of it all. 

The majority of women who come to my art therapy studio have little to no experience with art. I actually love that. It's a joy to connect women to a new means of communication

We explore who you are, what nourishes, what you value, what you want in life, and how to get there. We heal old wounds and liberate you from destructive beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that get in the way.

Image of a woman using her body to do expressive herself in art therapy
Happy Octopus created by art therapist Jackie Schuld in Tucson, Arizona

Over time, you understand who you truly are and how all those strings impacted you. You can live truly present and enjoy the life you have. 

You can read more about art therapy or what to expect in a session by following the links.

Getting Started

We will meet weekly for 80 min sessions. Between sessions, I give you art-based assignments to work on at home and deepen the therapeutic work.

In our work together, we are breaking lifetime beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. It takes consistent work to make powerful long-lasting change. Most women find they need a minimum of 6 months.

Image of a woman spending time doing an art therapy exercise
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