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Art Therapy for Grief

Grief is different for every person.


There is no set road map through it - as much as we all wish there was. It's why I wrote and illustrated my book, "Grief is a Mess."

Every person needs different things on their journey after loss and I seek to tailor therapy to those needs. Some individuals come in utterly lost and in a fog. Some come in angry. Others wonder why they don't feel more. Some just want the pain to stop. 


Grief Art

Art therapy provides a protected space for a person to explore their needs on their journey. In therapy, this can look like: 

  • Expressing and exploring sadness, rage, and other emotions 

  • Examining connected losses (way of life, future dreams, etc.)

  • Determining next steps (wading through legalities, finances, moves, etc.)

  • Exploring identity (who am I without this person present?)

  • Examining the impact of loss on current relationships

I work with individuals who experience many different kinds of grief/loss. Some examples of who I've worked with​:

  • Individuals with traumatic loss (the sudden death of a loved one, etc.) 

  • Spouses who lost their partner

  • Adults who lost a parent 

  • Individuals who lost loved ones to suicide

  • Parents who experienced a miscarriage

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Want to hear my take on grief? You can listen to my interview on Best Life Best Death

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