Religious Deconstruction

I work with individuals who were raised in a high demand religions. A high demand religion is one with high time and resource commitments, strict moral and behavioral codes, and a level of separation between the membership and rest of the world. Some examples would include fundamental Christian groups, Latter Day Saints, and Jehovas Witness.

While some individuals find these religious groups to be a positive place, other individuals are deeply impacted and harmed. Children who are raised in high demand religions are told what to believe, what is right/wrong, what is appropriate/inappropriate behavior, who they are, what is their purpose, and more. 

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When an child raised in these conditions grows up and decides to leave their faith, it can be extremely difficult. Although they may no longer be physically in the church, the teachings and beliefs permeate self identity, thought patterns, self-judgment, and more. 

These individuals are often plagued with feelings of emptinesss, anxiety, depression, and shame.


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I work with these individuals to shift from external guidance (who the religion teaches they "should" be), to an internal connection with their own intuition. We work together to deconstruct unhelpful beliefs and patterns and heal the impact of being in a high demand religion.