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Art Therapy for Religious Deconstruction

I work with individuals who were raised in demanding religious environments. 

While some individuals find these religious groups to be a positive place, other individuals are deeply impacted and harmed. Children who are raised in high demand religions are told what to believe, what is right/wrong, what is appropriate/inappropriate behavior, who they are, how to dress, what to eat, their purpose in life, and more.

There is little to no tolerance for a child who doesn't agree, and there is no space for a child to individuate into their own unique person. 

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Children who grow up in these conditions often learn to disconnect from their own feelings, needs, opinions, and ideas. This disconnection from the self can lead to deep depression and anxiety.

Even if that child grows into adulthood and decides to leave the church, they still experience the disconnection from self. The religious teachings and beliefs live in them in the form of self-judgment, limiting beliefs, and life-corroding behaviors. 

These individuals are often plagued with feelings of emptinesss, anxiety, depression, and shame.

I work with these individuals to shift from external guidance (who the religion teaches they "should" be), to an internal connection with their own intuition. We work together to deconstruct unhelpful beliefs and patterns and heal the impact of being in a high demand religion. This process is called religious deconstruction.

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