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Death to the Hustle

When you’ve reached where you’ve wanted to go … then what?

More dreams

Bigger dreams

Expanded dreams

Expand the business

Increase rates

More more more

Flowers. from a farmer's market in Goleta, picture taken by Jackie Schuld

What if the hustle stops?

Instead of expanding… being.


Less working hours

More balance

We don’t often think of business growth as stopping the hustle.

After I started my private practice, it was doing so well thought that I thought, “I need to hire more people.”

More people helped.

Expanded business.

More passive income.

What is all this income for?

It seems like we can always use more money.

More student loans paid off.

More rainy day fund.

More retirement.

More opportunities for self AND generosity.

However, the more and more we make … doesn’t mean the better and better we feel.

We have to look at the trade offs.

If we have

Less personal time

Less energy

Less enjoyment of day to day life.

Then what is the money for?

I realized in my business that I could find a middle ground. I could find an amount of income that would allow me to cover my expenses and slowly build my savings, investments, student loans, and more.

A middle ground that allowed me to live a work schedule that was enjoyable. A work schedule that energized me and didn’t leave me exhausted by the end of the day.

A work schedule that enables me to do meaningful work, and still have time for vacations.

I don’t want to hustle anymore.

I want to be.

What’s next is now.


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