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A Love Letter to Garbanzo Beans

Dear Garbanzo Beans,

Why do you have so many names?

My dad used to call you troll butts. I bet he still would if we ate them together now.

Others like to call you chickpeas. Seems like such a delicate term. You certainly haven’t been delicate on my digestive system though. I’ve avoided you for so long due to the amount of gas and bloating you would cause. I know, it’s not really your fault. It’s my digestive system’s fault. Regardless though, you and I couldn’t spend much time together.

Illustration of an excited hippo with their hands covering their mouth by artist Jackie Schuld.
Illustration by Jackie Schuld

That’s why I was so shocked when my nutritionist suggested I try eating you roasted. I love the taste of you, but I didn’t want the side effects.

Who knew roasting you would change the side effects though? It’s like finding out I’m allowed to hang out with my good friend after all.

Now I can just focus on the good you bring to my life. You taste fabulous. You keep my digestive system moving smoothly. You give me a burst of energy. You keep me from reaching for something that is loaded with sugar. I don’t like to moralize about food, but I do see that I turn to sugar for an energy boost quite a bit. I’m glad I have you in my life now.

I personally like calling you garbanzo beans. It’s a fun word to say. Do you have a preference?

Normally when I write letters, I have a lot more to say, but this seems to be it. I’m just glad you’re in my life again and I wanted to drop you a little love note.

Your long lost friend,



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