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A Letter to Writing

Dear Writing,

You probably think it’s a bit ridiculous I’m writing you a letter considering how much time we spend together. Even when we’re not together, I’m thinking about you and what we’ll do next. I keep a list of all my ideas. As you know though, we only ever make it to about 10% of those ideas. That’s ok though, I’m happy with the things we’re creating together.

Our relationship has changed a lot in the past year. I thought I’d write you a letter to check in and see how you’re feeling about that. We used to get together every morning and do our thing, knowing no one would ever see it. We did that for over four years. Our time together was some of my most precious. Remember when I was working at the high school and you and I would meet at the coffee shop at 6am together? Just so that we could have little time to settle my thoughts before very intense days. Thanks for showing up for me like that.

Art Therapist Jackie Schuld shares an illustration of a person coming through a laptop with their arms wide open
"On the Computer" Watercolor by Jackie Schuld

At some point though, our relationship started evolving. I guess it was when we started writing together for a book. We still had the same routine, but we knew someone might read it. Then we decided to release those chapters on a blog.

Shortly thereafter our relationship changed from an analog one to the computer. We spent far less time musing about my life and more time thinking about the parallels between my life and others. Things really amped up when we decided to do the 100 essays in 100 days challenge.

Hey, we pulled it through together. In fact, we became even stronger after that. We hit our goal of 360 essays for my 36th Year of life. Given we got a bit of a late start, it will actually be 360 essays in 275 days. That’s a lot.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I look forward to seeing how our relationship naturally evolves.

See you shortly dear friend,



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