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Dearest Person Who is Always Mad at Others

"Angry" Illustration by Jackie Schuld

I know it’s hard being you.

I used to be you.

Mad at others’ choices. Mad at others’ “low morals.” Mad that others weren’t trying harder. Mad they weren’t doing what was asked of them. Mad they didn’t care more. Mad that I was actually doing all of the hard work and they were shirking responsibility.

I held myself to relentless standards and rigid ways of being.

I’m guessing you do the same.

I’m guessing there is a way it “should” be done and you try to do that. And it feels unfair that others don’t.

That’s a hard way to live. It makes for a life filled with … anger.

You may be doing it all “right,” but I’m guessing you’re also exhausted and fed up.

I’m guessing you’re not fully enjoying the life you’re living.

I’m guessing people aren’t enjoying being around you either, so it’s probably pretty lonely.

I’m sorry you’re suffering.

If you’d ever like a different experience of living, please come see me or another therapist.

With Love,



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