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Dearest Human Searching for a Therapist

Dearest Human Searching for a Therapist,

I know it’s hard to find a therapist - one you can trust, one that “gets” you, one who can actually help you, one who has time in their schedule.

It can feel scary. You are opening yourself. You are willingly being vulnerable with a human you do not fully know. You’re trusting your hardest struggles to the ears of another. You’re making a time and money commitment that you sure as hell hope works out.

My hope is to assuage that fear with transparency and clarity before you ever get to my door.

"Hello There Future Client!" Watercolor by Jackie Schuld

I write essays, speak on podcasts, create books, do interviews, provide art therapy activities, present nationally, craft my copy on my website, and provide free consultations so you can know who I am.

I write and speak about my values, my therapeutic philosophy, what art therapy is like, why my fees are what they are, what my goals are for my business and my clients, my personal therapeutic experiences, and more so that you know me.

I don’t expect you to trust someone you don’t know. I want to put myself fully out there so you know who I am and what you can expect from therapy.

I want you to feel excited to work with me.

And if you don’t feel excited, I want you to feel good about your choice to keep looking for a different therapist. I am not for everyone, and that’s ok.

I am here to honor your intuition and discernment. To continue centering your power and help you escape from all the bullshit that gets in the way (patriarchy, toxic supremacy culture, people pleasing, etc.)

I want you to know that when you are my client, I will show up as my full self - rested, joyful, and ready to dig in.

I’ve opted out of the grind culture that the mental health world thrusts upon therapists without consent (meaning how they require therapists to see so many clients a day that they’re exhausted and unable to provide quality therapy).

I have claimed my freedom, power, and sovereignty over my business and my life, so I can help you do the same.

I want to have time to thoughtfully prepare for our session. Time to rest so I can be fully awake and attuned to you. Time to review our session in my own time, as I journal and discern where we’ll go next. Time to research and read more about topics and strategies that I think will help you. Time to make art about our session so I can be connected to my intuition and receive insight for our next session.

This is the level of intention I bring to you.

This is the hope I bring to you.




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