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Where Are All of the Good Resources About Autism with ADHD?

When my psychologist diagnosed me with autism and ADHD, I asked her for some resources so I could learn more about what it means to have both. She said she didn’t know of any. No articles. No books. No websites. Nothing.

What does it mean to be diagnosed with something for which you are provided no resources?

That injustice aside, where are all of the resources about autism and ADHD?

There are plenty neurodivergent resources about autism. There are also plenty about ADHD. But with both together? Nope.

Some of the authors of the autistic books I read will casually mention they were diagnosed autistic and ADHD, but they just gloss right over ADHD and focus on autism.

Meanwhile, the ADHD books are focused solely on that.

Soft, abstract art in tones of blue, green and purple within an ochre toned circle by artist Jackie Schuld.
Art by Jackie Schuld

I would like a written resource that explains the interplay of autism and ADHD in one person. How is it different from just having autism? How is it different from just having ADHD? How do the two impact each other? What strengths and challenges can we expect? I would like some information PLEASE.

I’ve written a previous essay about how autism and ADHD are so confusing, and that this is due to the fact that a person couldn’t even be diagnosed with both until 2013. So the science and the research haven’t quite caught up.

After writing that essay about how confusing the two are, I tried to find clarity for myself. However, I quickly ran into a brick wall because there was so little available information to draw from. I weeded through the books on Amazon, and discounted any that were addressed to parents or about children. I finally found just two.

Despite glaring reviews, I ordered both. The reviews were right. One book, “ADHD and Autism: Understanding the Connection” is a self-published book that wasn’t even formally finished. There are still notes and redundant sections from the author. I’m hoping he accidentally hit publish too soon.

The second “Adult ADHD and Autism: A Few Things I’ve Learned” should be called a pamphlet. It’s also not a very informative one at that.

After these dismal results, I went to my LinkedIn community, which is full of neurodivergent connections, for resources. Nothing. NOTHING. I was shocked.

So then I searched for other resources, such as webinars or classes. NOTHING. One person, Antoni Bordeo, was nice enough to recommend a podcast episode she made about it. It was a great episode and worth a listen (

Her episode looks at what it means to have both. My only concern was that I wanted more. As an autistic (and apparently now ADHD, too) person, I want more information. I need more clarity and understanding on this topic.

If you know of any resources, please let me know in the comments.


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