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We Need Your Counterculture Viewpoint

I met a copywriter, Karyn Claflin, who provides copywriting services for healers, therapists and quiet powerhouses.

She hypothesizes that the way we describe our services in our website copy could influence the impact of those services.

For example, the way a therapist frames her services on her website could influence a future client’s motivation, commitment, and ultimate satisfaction with therapy (you can learn more about this in her blog post).

It makes perfect sense to me.

We talked about how her copywriting approach puts the client in their power, which runs counter to current marketing culture (which relies on pain points, manipulative tactics, etc.).

It can be scary to put something out into the world that runs counter to culture.

But we need just that.

In this black and white illustration by Art Therapist Jackie Schuld, an individual in an apron holds an idea (symbolized as a ball) that she is handing to another individual in an apron.
"Sharing Our Ideas" Illustration by Jackie Schuld

Our counterculture ideas won’t appeal to everyone, but they’ll be like fresh water from a deep well to those who align with our beliefs and values.

Another counterculture change maker is Tiffany McClain. She’s a therapist who believes therapists can run socially just private practices while charging fees that provide for a flourishing life.

When I came across her podcast, her words resonated with my own personal question, “How can I make my private practice emotionally, mentally, and financially sustainable for me without abandoning my social justice values?“

I was relieved to find someone who understood. I needed her counterculture viewpoint.

Every time I encounter something that makes me uncomfortable within my business practices, I look for others who put words to what I’m feeling and have unique ideas to innovate and address what is making me uncomfortable.

For example, I felt uneasy about marketing my private practice because the only tactics I knew felt performative and manipulative.

I then heard a podcast that interviewed Kelly Diels, a feminist marketer.

She put clear, concrete words to the intangible, messy thoughts in my mind. She broke down why the majority of popular marketing techniques are manipulative. After hearing her explanation, I thought, “OOOhhhh, THAT’s why I felt uncomfortable with that!”

Her words helped me know I wasn’t the only one seeing it. Furthermore, she provided new marketing strategies that empower people (you can read about how I put her words into action in Shifting to Feminist Marketing).

I was, and remain, grateful that Kelly shared her unique, counterculture viewpoints.

I’m glad Tiffany was bold enough to say that therapists can make good money and be in alignment with their values.

I think Karynn’s style of copywriting will improve how we explain our services and the benefit people receive from them.

And I want more.

I want more individuals sharing their counter-culture viewpoints, methodologies, and services so we can uplift each other and create a culture aligned with our values.

What’s your counterculture idea? Please share it with us. We need it.


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