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Dearest Therapist Considering Private Practice

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you want to start a private practice, but the idea is intimidating, overwhelming, scary, and many other compilations of thoughts and emotions.

Yes, it is those things when entertaining the idea. There are so many unknowns and varying components.

There are so many unanswered questions, too.

  • Will you get enough clients fast enough to support yourself?

  • Should you take insurance?

  • Should you have an office or work through telehealth?

  • When do you leave your current job?

  • Will they be upset?

  • Can you take clients with you?

The list is endless.

I acknowledge these things because they are the lived reality of contemplating a move into private practice.

So, I’m writing you with permission to feel all the shitty things. To know all of us “seasoned” private practice owners also had the same questions.

What I hope you do next is dig into your why. Why do you want to be in private practice?

I’m guessing more freedom and choice. The chance to design your own schedule. The ability to select which populations of clients you want to work with. The opportunity to not see so many clients. Maybe that list is endless too.

A yellow and orange human dancing and happy.
"It Feels Great" Illustration by Jackie Schuld

Let me tell you, as a private practice therapist going into my third year, I have never been more relaxed in my entire life. I have never had more freedom and flexibility in my schedule. I have also never made as much financial security as I do now.

I had no idea how good private practice would feel.

I feel rested. I feel seen. I feel my life is deeply meaningful. I feel cared for. I feel optimistic for the future.

My private practice enabled me to create a life that sees me and honors my needs.

As therapists, we’re trained to focus on others’ needs. It is time to honor your own.

Getting started is overwhelming, but it won’t feel that way forever. It will be oh so worth it.

With Love,



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