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We All Want More Friends

Every single adult I know wants more friends.

Every. Single. One. From my therapy clients to my friends to my family to my professional colleague to myself. We all want more genuine, connected friendships.

AND everyone thinks it is difficult to make friends as an adult. Because it is.

A mixed media collage of friends together and the words "the moment a deep friendship is revealed"
"Friendship" Mixed Media Collage by Jackie Schuld

Without the structure of school or other regular activities, it can be difficult to develop friendships and maintain them.

Many of the people I know are also solopreneurs - which means no coworkers and therefore less chances for making friends.

Throw in a pandemic where we aren’t out socializing like normal, and the chances of making new friends are extremely slim.

As an adult, it takes intentional effort to make your own friends.

I’ve heard many suggestions:

  • Join a sports league

  • Join a hobby group

  • Take a class in something you’re interested in

  • Try a friend’s app

  • Join a professional group

There’s no magic sauce for this. Nothing guarantees a friend.

But maybe it helps to know that everyone is looking for it. And that it’s hard for most of us.

You’re not weird. Or unworthy of good friends. It’s just a hard thing to do as an adult. Period.


I provide art therapy for highly intelligent women with overwhelming thoughts and emotions.


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