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The Messy World of Therapy for Autism

There’s no curing autism. It’s not a disorder that needs to be cured.

Autism is a different neurotype that causes autistics like myself to perceive, feel, and think in different ways. This comes with varying challenges and benefits for each of us.

In an ideal world, an undiagnosed autistic individual could go to a therapist, learn they are autistic, and then learn strategies to work with their autistic mind.

Collage by Jackie Schuld

That is NOT how it works in this messy world. Many undiagnosed autistics go to therapists throughout their lives and never receive autism diagnoses. What’s worse is that even more receive “misdiagnoses” such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, and borderline personality disorder. They then receive therapy that is ineffective and counterproductive for their needs.

Even when an autistic person is lucky enough to receive a proper diagnoses, it is incredibly difficult to find an autistic therapist or a therapist with a neurodivergent lens who knows enough about autism to actually help them.

My work as an autistic therapist and writer is to change that. I want to provide a different lived experience for autistics in therapy room. I also want to educate more therapists and other mental health providers so that they can identify autism and provide help (or at least appropriate referrals).

I write MANY essays about therapy and autism. Some focus on what effective, affirming therapy for autistics can look like, while others help autistics find knowledgeable therapists.

You can see all of my therapy and autism essays here:

Here’s also more specific essays about identifying autism in undiagnosed people. These essays are helpful for professionals who want to expand their diagnostic skillset and lower the rate of misdiagnosis and missed diagnoses for autism:

Undiagnosed Autism


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