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Sometimes Autistic People Relate to Me. And Sometimes They Don’t

I write a lot about autism. As an autistic adult and therapist specializing in late-identified autism, autism is on my mind a lot.

Most of my essays focus on a subset within autism: individuals who learn they are autistic as adults. This is what is known as “late identified autism.” My essays speak to the experience of going your whole life feeling “off” and not knowing why. I examine how many of us were able to make it well into adulthood without autism being diagnosed. I explore the impacts of not knowing we were autistic for most of our lives, and what we can do now to enhance our lives.

"My Autistic Self" Collage by Jackie Schuld

So essentially, I write about a subset within a subset of people. It’s a pretty niche thing.

People sometimes criticize my essays about autism saying they’re not reflective of all autistic people. GOOD. That’s the point. I’m writing about a small subset within autism.

Even within this small subset, there is still a normal variety of human life. I hate cooking, and I have an autistic client who loves it. I enjoy writing profusely, and I have an autistic client who never writes.

We may all relate to general experiences (such as sensory sensitivity and a system that can be easily overloaded with feelings and thoughts), but we still have our unique interests, passions, and ways of being.

As an autistic writer, I like to capture these experiences. Sometimes other autistics relate, and sometimes they don’t. That’s ok and how it should be.

You can read my essays about my personal experiences of being autistic to see for yourself:


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