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My Autistic Brain Doesn’t Want to Watch TV Right Now

A strange thing happened to me recently.

I began to feel an aversion to watching TV series. Normally I love them. It’s one of my favorite things to put on a show while I create art or do a puzzle.

About six weeks ago, I watched a show that really grasped my brain. I cannot even think of what it was. But it’s like it overloaded my brain. My brain wanted to solve the problems and the mysteries of the show. My brain tried to do this while I slept.

I normally have a pretty great relationship with my dream world. My brain tries to help me solve my own problems as I sleep. I think it’s a wonderful form of emotional processing.

But suddenly, the shows are sucking me in. My dream world, my extra brain space, is being devoted to the shows.

As I mentioned, I noticed this about six weeks ago. I decided I should probably stop watching shows right before I go to bed.

Autistic Art Therapist Jackie Schuld shares an illustration of a person plugging their ears
"Aversion to TV" Sketch by Jackie Schuld

Even with this change, I noticed a building aversion to TV shows.

Like something in my senses didn’t want them.

Like it was too much.

Like when you’ve had too much sugar and it makes you sick to think about eating more.

I haven’t had this happen before.

Though I’ve had it happen with foods or hobbies that I’ve simply had enough of.

My autistic brain is like this sometimes. It simply decides it has had enough of something - for now.

And so I shall listen, until my brain decides otherwise.


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