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Let Your Mind Rest

We often talk about our bodies needing rest.

A nap.

A good night’s sleep.

I think our minds equally need rest.

And while sleep can provide a pause, I think sometimes a pause during our waking hours are even more important.

We place an awful lot of expectations on our brains.

Even our “breaks” or “pauses” or “resets” can be laden with expectations.

We want something from them. We want to feel renewed. We want to reground. We want to develop self-understanding.

We think we must journal. Or create a piece of art. Or walk a labyrinth. Or go jog. Something something something.

Maybe the kind of rest we need is one that is free from expectations and purpose.

A collage of intricate patterns and a child with their thumb to their nose and the word "no"
"Saying No to Expectations" Collage by Jackie Schuld

Intentional time to do whatever we want, with no intentions of any outcome.

Sometimes I think rest isn’t restful because we aren’t letting ourselves enjoy it. We spoil it with thoughts of what we “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing.

We should be cleaning the house because we’ll feel so much better after.

We shouldn’t be watching TV because it’s a waste of time.

But our minds need a rest from all that chatter.

A rest where we put the “shoulds” down for a nap, and let ourselves enjoy whatever the hell we want.

That could be TV.

It could be just lying on the bed… and maybe we’ll fall asleep or not.

It could be walking, just to walk. No intention “to exercise” or “stay fit,” but just meandering about because movement sounded nice.

I can’t tell you what that is. Only you can decide.

What I can tell you is that our minds don’t get breaks like this very often.

I could go into all of the benefits… but that would defeat the purpose of some time away from expectations.

Let yourself be.

Without accomplishing a damn thing.


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