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Key Aspects about Late Identified Autism in Multiple Formats

Most autistics have a strong preference for how they like to absorb new information.

I love to read books. Ironically, I don’t like to read one-off essays. I want to deep dive into topics. It’s why my favorite resources on autism are the books “Divergent Mind” and “What I Mean When I Say I’m Autistic.”

Other autistics I know strongly prefer long-form videos, while others like short bursts of information on Tik Tok. Others love listening to podcasts.

Given that people like to learn in multiple ways, I’ve tried to provide autism resources in multiple formats: conference talks, essays, podcasts, and YouTube shows.

Here are some key topics about late identified autism that I have available in multiple formats:

Choosing to Self-Identifying as Autistic

National Conference Talk: Identify Autism in Undiagnosed Women

"Create" Mixed media collage by Jackie Schuld

Late-Identified Autism

Relationships as an Autistic

Autistic Masking

Autism and Disability

Autism Strategies

Autism Misconceptions

Autism and the Mental Health Field


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