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I Want to Write Albums

I love that an artist gets to drop a whole album.

That the album tells a story.

There are singles that stand out.

There are some that don’t vibe.

But as a whole, it is frozen in time.

People can pick and choose, as well as sample the whole experience.

And yet, it is just an album in a collection of many.

Let's pretend this is my album cover. It's a collage of my art on a placemat.

It does not define someone. It could, it could stand out. Or it could just be one in a journey.

As I was walking this morning, I was thinking that I would like my essays to be like a collection of albums.

Some could argue this is exactly what a book is.

But a book feels like so much pressure. I want to write albums.

Vignettes of time.

That both do and don’t define me.


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