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Dearest Sadness

Dear Sadness,

How are you? I haven’t seen you since last week and I wanted to make sure you’re ok.

I was just talking to Inspiration and they asked how you are doing. I wish you two would hang out more. I know she’s not really your vibe though. Plus, groups aren’t really your thing. You’re more of a 1-on-1 type.

Well sort of, I know you hang out with Fear and Melancholy a lot. So maybe you’re just a little picky.

It’s ok, I tell people all of the time they have to be really picky with their friends. Though I admittedly wish you’d be more willing to hang out with Happiness or Anger.

It’s like you think you can’t co-exist with others. That their presence will annihilate you. Or that they all secretly don’t like you.

Watercolor illustration by Jackie Schuld, originally made for her book "Grief is. Mess"

Ok, this might be a little hard to hear, but you do have a tendency to monopolize the conversation. I know you just want to be understood, but sometimes you don’t give enough space to others.

So maybe others are also afraid that your presence will exhaust or annihilate them?

I know this is also hard to hear, but I think if you provided more equal back and forth, you’d get along with others better.

I suppose this is probably better for in-person conversation, but sometimes you spiral and don’t fully listen when we discuss difficult topics. So I thought maybe a letter would give you enough time to slowly digest what I’m saying.

Please know I care about you and that’s why I am taking the time to tell you these things. I value you in my life and want to maintain a healthy relationship.

If you’d like to talk in person, let me know. I can even bring our friend Patience if that would help.

Love ya,



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