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Dearest Fear,

It must be a hard life. No one wants you around. No one appreciates you. I’d say they even resent you a little.

It must be even harder that you’re just trying to help. You want to protect. You alert people to danger. You’re in the business of keeping people safe and away from harm.

An illustration of a scared human
"Fear" Illustration by Jackie Schuld

You’re quite the activist. You’re anti-oppression, anti-patriarchy, and … well, let’s face it, you’re anti-many things. You see the harm caused by the systems, structures, and culture of our world and you say, “NO.” You see the harm caused by people and you say, “STOP. NO MORE. We. Are. Done. With. This.”

So when you get even the slightest scent of anything that can harm, you raise the alarm and say, “NOT TODAY SATAN!”

You are quite the defender of humans. Of life. So really, that means there’s a lot you’re in support of. You’re pro safe spaces. You’re pro equanimity and equality. You’re pro laws and policies that protect. You’re pro anything that honors the sovereignty of life - humans, earth, and planet.

I worry about you though. I’m afraid you’re going to burn yourself out. To go it alone like you do, screaming louder and louder when people don’t listen to you. To work endlessly, nonstop.

You must be pretty scared, too. Scared that if you stop, everything will fall apart. All of the dangers you fear will happen.

Would you like some support? I know a fellow activist that I think you’d get along well with, and I bet you both could do some awesome work together. Their name is Self-Trust. Lemme know if you’d like me to make an introduction. I’d be happy to do so.

Whether you take me up on it or not, I hope you take care over there. Know you’re loved and seen.




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