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Dearest Autistic Client of Mine

As a therapist, I don't always get to directly tell clients what I am thinking. When an autistic client comes to me for art therapy, this is what is on my mind.


Dearest Autistic Client of Mine,

I’m excited I get to be your therapist.

If you’re reading this, it means you recently found out you’re autistic. I don’t know if you were diagnosed or discovered it on your own, but I’m glad whatever happened to lead you to this awareness did.

A mixed media collage of a human clutching themselves and leaves overlapping.
"Vulnerable Territory" Mixed Media Collage by Jackie Schuld

Finding out you’re autistic makes everything makes sense, but it’s also like entering a new world. A world where one doesn’t fully know the rules (if there are even any), what unknown forms of science govern, or how to take it all in.

When I found out I’m autistic, I felt relieved, grateful, and also deeply confused. I was unsure and contained doubt (could I really be autistic?). I also needed clarity and answers. What was caused by autism and what was simply trauma or my environmental upbringing? What could be changed and what would I have to accept?

I don’t know what your questions are, but I cannot wait to hear them.

I do not have all of the answers sitting on the tip of my tongue, but I do have skills, strategies, and intuition to help you uncover them.

I want to be a breath of fresh air and present to all that you are. I’m excited to walk this journey with you.




Thank you for reading. You can learn more about how I work with autistic individuals here.


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