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All the Things I Want to Write About Autism

As a late-identified autistic adult, I’m late to the table on autism. Even as a graduate student in school for mental health counseling, I learned very little about autism. So when my therapist suggested to me I might be autistic, I did a deep, deep dive on autism.

Turns out, that’s very common for autistics. We want to fully understand and that means researching in our favorite mode of self-education. For me, that’s reading books and listening to podcasts.

We then have to process and integrate that new information in ways that work for us. For me, that means writing. I write a lot about autism (over 150 essays thus far), and there are still so many more things I want to write about autism.

Here are all of the topics I still want to write about:

Healing from a family of unidentified autistics

What exactly do you do as an autistic art therapist?

I’m not an investigative reporter on autism

A letter to hating laundry

Autistic writing - the joy of communicating and being understood

Research and autism

Desperate for something that’s never going to happen

Things needing to be said the right way to click

Common misjudgments of autistic: pissy

Autistic Art Therapist Jackie Schuld shares an abstract painting of many green and yellow toned dots
"All My Ideas" Acrylic painting by Jackie Schuld

Getting characterized as the crazy bitch

Why art therapy for autistics

Do I need to get a diagnosis for autism?

How to know it’s time for therapy when you’re autistic

How therapy can help you see new aspects of your autistic self

The health and well being of an autistic mind

Nest construction

I live by different standards/norms

The trauma of trying

A second chance in life

We can adapt

Trauma can’t be healed until we recognize autism as the source

Giving ourselves some slack as autistics

Not treatment, but understanding

No longer an existential dread

Brutal honesty

Passing for normal

We don’t need 8 hours, redefining productivity

What works best for your biology

You may never hit the same level of productivity again

How autism can impact the holidays

Autistics throw ourselves in because of connection

I’m sharing the experience of being smart and autistic

Are we gifted because we’ve had so much practice masking?

Preparing for travel

Square peg gets damaged trying to fit into round hole

Constellation things

Adaptations or Accommodations people want

Shame of others witnessing detours

Strategies for autism

What I wear as an autistic

My fat list of autism characteristics

Friendships being hard in the middle range

Cultural bullshit: push yourself outside your comfort zone

Cringeworthy autism education

What if it is neurotypicals who need better theory of mind

Let it be multi-layered and complex: what I say does not apply

Autism and level of preference

Why feeling you’re too sensitive is exhausting

When overwhelmed: tell me what to do

Stigma of autism

Anxiety after never being accepted

I am you, just a little more extreme

Autism and being more connected to earth energy

When someone else defines your growth or wellbeing

Stop mandatory participation

“But Everyone Feels That Way” as a form of gaslighting autism

My autistic brain helped me out of religion

What if autistics are meant to be the norm

How do people on the spectrum differ

Autism and shifting narratives

“I can never get it right”

Ways to make life more enjoyable

Autistic services I want

Distress tolerance

How I learned I’m autistic

Letter to accommodations

Things I want to exist

Dislike of cultural sayings

Wait… are all my friends autistic too?

Really intense feeler

Autistic people having lots of diagnoses in the past

My fellow autistics: different and the same

Who should you tell about autism?

Autism means more to my identity than ADHD

Window of tolerance

Don’t tell my autistic mind what to think

Autism is no longer what you think it is

What is listening from an autistic perspective

How do you find friends

What can be fixed and what cannot

Spotify playlist for dealing with difficulties

Gift giving for autistics

A conversation versus many conversations


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