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A Visual Presentation on Identifying Autism in Undiagnosed Women

In November 2022, I presented to the National American Art Therapy Conference about how to identify autism in undiagnosed women.

I am passionate about this subject because mental health providers are provided with little information about autism in graduate school. Furthermore, that education seldom contains information about neurodiversity or what autism looks like in different genders and ages.

Thus, I am making presentations to professional bodies wherever I can to expand professionals’ knowledge and understanding.

I recently shared my written abstract for my presentation on “Identifying Autism in Undiagnosed Women” here on Medium. I had no idea it would be my most popular piece of writing.

Many people have reached out to ask if they could hear the rest of my presentation or see my powerpoint slides. There is no recording of my presentation, and I couldn’t share my slides because they contained client artwork (I only had written permission for their artwork to be shown at the conference). However, it recently occurred to me that I could share my slides if I replaced all of the artwork with my own. So that’s what I did.

What follows below are my slides. When I present, I don’t like to inundate attendees with information on slides. I try to keep my slides to the basic information and then fill in the rest with my verbal information. Thus, you may find it beneficial to read my abstract or my essay How I Identify Autism in Undiagnosed Women in addition to seeing the slides.


If you would like to hear the full presentation live, I would be happy to be a paid speaker for your institution, conference, class, organization, or other setting. You can email me directly at


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