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9 Topics That Impact Late Identified Autistics

Navigating the world of late-identified autism can be pretty confusing. It can be hard to know where to go for clear, relatable information about autism as an adult.

The Autistics Unscripted Logo created by Jen

Last year, my friend and fellow AuDHDer suggested we co-host a YouTube talk show about all of the topics we think would benefit other late identified autistic adults.

We both got very excited as we listed out all of the topics we could discuss in our 20 minute shows. The list soon became longer than we could ever possibly get to. Instead of letting that deter us, we decided to jump right in and get started.

We named the show "Autistics Unscripted" because we discuss autistic topics for 20 minutes without a script and without editing our responses. We want people to see examples of how autistic adults interact, including our quirks and missteps.

We produced an entire season, which contains 9 episodes of topics that impact late identified autistics:

In the upcoming season, my co-host Jen will continue exploring important topics by interviewing fellow autistic professionals and experts.


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