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Dear Peace,

How does it feel to be so popular?

Please don’t tell me you’re just like everybody else. That’s what all the popular girls say.

You’re not like everyone else. You’re so chill and calm. You’re confident. You’re grounded. You’re like all the good stuff at once.

I’m pretty sure people would even give up hanging out with Joy if it meant they could hang out with you all the time.

This illustration was originally made for Tucson Art Therapist Jackie Schuld's book "Grief is a Mess." She uses it here to illustrate peace. It is a giraffe sitting in a cross-legged position
"Peace" Illustration by Jackie Schuld

I know you’re really good friends with Happy, but I think you’re more well-rounded than her. Sure, everyone wishes they could hang out with Happy all the time, but I think we all know that’s not realistic. Who has the energy for that? Plus Happy takes up all the space in the room and ends up leaving others out, like Contemplation, Sadness, Anger, Jealousy, and Envy.

I know they can be pretty cranky, but I learn a lot from them and like having them around too.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons you’re so popular. You let others like Sadness or Anger come visit on occasion. It’s like you even understand them. They feel accepted around you.

Maybe that’s another reason you’re popular - you make everyone feel welcomed. You see them, and yet you don’t get rattled.

Is it hard that so many people want you around? What about when people insist you show up? I guess you just don’t show up then, huh? You have your own timeline and do what you want. And yet, you manage to not offend people. That’s quite the fine line you walk.

Sometimes you’re so good that it’s intimidating. Though I don’t like it when people tell me I’m intimidating. So I’ll take more responsibility. I am intimidated by you. I want to be more like you, but struggle. I pale in comparison. It’s why I like hanging out with Wild, Rage, and Frustrated sometimes. They make a lot of mistakes and it makes me feel more normal.

I wish I was more naturally like you. Able to stick to my own timeline, needs, and boundaries… and still maintain happy friendships and a social calendar.

Maybe you’d like to come over for tea next week? I’d love to learn more about you and what helped you to become who you are.

Let me know when would be good for you.




Thank you for reading. If you'd like to read other letters, you can read ones I've written to Fear and Inspiration.


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