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Making it Through Chemotherapy is a short illustrated book for someone who just wants their emotional and mental sanity during the grueling rollercoaster of chemotherapy. Through illustrated animal characters, the book captures the the impact of chemotherapy and how love, joy, and peace can be regained. It is a perfect gift for anyone who needs hope and encouragement during chemotherapy. 

Why I Made the Book


At age 50, my mum was told she had terminal ovarian cancer. The doctors suggested that chemotherapy could extend her length and quality of life. For the next four years, my mum underwent over nine different chemotherapies (or "cocktails" as we like to call them). 

Each chemotherapy brought different side effects and challenges. Amidst it all, my mum fought to live a happy life. She chose to focus on what was good in her life and invested her time in others. She lived a productive, joyful life until her passing in 2014.

This book is my tribute to my mum's fight. I want to share what my mum taught me: that no matter the circumstances, you can still live a meaningful, happy life. 

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