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Jackie Schuld speaks volumes with the simplicity and ease of her work. Cancer can be so overwhelming and Making it Through Chemotherapy masterfully communicates the complex emotions and experiences in simple and direct forms. It is a resource for all those who are themselves going through chemo or have a loved one going through treatment. 

Katie Kajdan Bell, LPC, ATR

I love this book! It’s uplifting and hopeful without sugar-coating the crazy course of chemotherapy. As a cancer survivor who lost my hair and strength, but not my dignity, I smiled and sneered and sobbed my way through this sweet testament to the fight for life that chemotherapy engages. It would be a great gift for anyone who’s facing it, or finishing it!

Donna Schuurman, EdD, FT

The Dougy Center for Grieving Children & Families

Making it Through Chemotherapy is delightful, humorous and absolutely true from my experience in  the Oncology Department.

Elaine Johnson

This is an amazing little book that tackles the truth of the Chemotherapy experience in a most supportive and humorous way. I am certain this would be the perfect gift/resource for anyone who must face this situation. The key is knowing others have done this and survived the process.  These delightful illustrations and words will provide that assurance.

Pat Foss

Columbine Unity Church

To say that Jackie Schuld's Making It Through Chemotherapy is a gem would be an understatement. This book is magnificent. Beautiful and fun drawings illustrate and accompany her profound and succinct messages.  People going through chemo will be comforted, and friends and family will be wiser in dealing with the person undergoing treatment.  This book is an important must read. I will proudly share it with my clients and friends. 

Virginia A. Simpson, Ph.D., FT, Bereavement Care Specialist

Author of The Space Between: A Memoir of Mother-Daughter Love at the End of Life 

This is a must read book for kids and adults facing chemotherapy.  The illustrations are heart-warming and funny.  The words are sincerely honest, direct, and meaningful to the intended target audience.   The reader will feel empowered and comforted at the same time.  

Kelly Geib-Eckenroth

Program Director, Children's Grief Center of New Mexico

Jackie Schuld is an exceptional artist with a large and loving heart. In this book, told through the voice of animals and illustrated in the vivid colors of artistic hope, Jackie shares her experience of walking alongside her mother through the challenges of chemotherapy. This enduring tribute offers authentic insight, comfort, and encouragement to those in need of greater understanding about the emotional and physical dimensions of this particular medical treatment.

Julie Yarbrough

Author, Beyond the Broken Heart

Jackie Schuld has a special gift of finding the balance between sharing the realities of chemo and finding the ray of hope and sunshine that is needed during such a difficult time. Her gentle approach and fun illustrations will capture the hearts of children and adults alike.

Cathy Campbell, LCPC

Manager of Bereavement Services, Hospice of Washington County

When faced with chemotherapy and life changes (like grief and loss), it is often hard to find a place for humor and hope. Jackie has a unique gift of making space for each and sharing them with others in ways that are relatable, informative, endearing and powerfully transforming. Through delightful illustrations and subtle yet spot-on commentary about the realities of cancer care, Making it Through Chemotherapy is a valuable resource for young and old and a powerful daughter-mother tribute to loving and living life fully...with kindness, compassion, sincerity, humility, grace….and just a little bit of humor.

Marisa Diaz-Waian, M.A., Cert. LBT

Founder & Executive Director, Merlin CCC

It is a very special gift when someone can take a very difficult subject and transform it into something inspiring and hopeful. Jackie certainly has that gift!

Diane Raden

Stepping Stones of Hope

Jackie Schuld has written another winner! She has a gift of taking something that folks may be reluctant to talk about - and not only making it relatable, but causing you to keep smiling as you learn about it. Her warm, endearing illustrations draw you into the book, and along with helping you understand (in a simple way) about life during chemotherapy, you find hope and encouragement for your journey. Bravo Jackie--I loved your book!

Judy Brizendine
Author, Stunned By Grief and Stunned By Grief Journal

Making It Through Chemotherapy is a heartwarming book explaining the journey through a scary process in a gentle and encouraging way that anyone can understand and find encouragement from. The illustrations bring a touch of humor to a sensitive subject and help take the fear out of the process. I would highly recommend this book to anyone having to face chemotherapy or for a friend or loved one that could use some loving encouragement along the way.

Pattie Copenhaver

Describing what chemotherapy is like is a daunting task. Jackie does it with compassion, some humor and a lot of realism.

Ryan Loiselle, LICSW

Program Direction, FRIENDS WAY

Once again, Schuld has taken a very difficult subject and "humanized" it with her beautiful illustrations of animals, making it accessible to all ages. The crucial themes of the chemotherapy experience have been pared down to their essence, with humor and compassion, simplicity and depth. I work as a grief counselor with the terminally ill and the bereaved, and this book will join Schuld's "Grief is a Mess" on my shelf of resources for my clients.

Seema Khan

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