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Articles and Presentations

Notebook and Pencil

I'm an avid writer, which takes the form of me journaling daily. On occasion, I turn my musings into articles, essays, and presentations. Here are some examples of my work.


Does Art Therapy Work?

I'd Like to Replace the Word "Triggered"

Self-Care is Misleading Us

When Words will not Do - Using Art as a Tool and Voice

When What You Fear Comes True


Art Therapy Curriculum for Grieving Adolescents (National American Art Therapy Conference, 2019) 

Art Therapy and Identity Formation in Adolescence (National American Art Therapy Conference, 2019) 

Empowering Young Women (Prescott College, 2019)

Using Art Therapy to Promote Adolescent Identity Formation (Prescott College, 2019)

Suicide Prevention and Awareness (Eastpointe High School, 2019)

Treating Traumatic Loss (Tucson Bereavement Coordinators, 2019)

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