ADUlt Counseling and Art Therapy

Art therapy for adults is a unique combination of talking and creation. Through art therapy, we will explore who you are, what nourishes you, what you value, what you want in life, and how to get there. We will strengthen your skills, heal wounds, increase your confidence, and empower you to overcome suffering, detrimental patterns, and limitations. My ultimate goal is to reconnect you with yourself and help you build a joyful, meaningful life. My services are inclusive to all sexual orientations and gender identities.


ADolescent Art Therapy

Many teens feel nervous to go and "talk to someone." Art therapy provides a relaxed, comfortable environment for them to create, explore, and grow. ​Art therapy can assist adolescents (ages 14-21) to freely express their feelings, memories, thoughts, and dreams. I've worked with teens on grief, depression, anxiety, gender identity, bullying, self-harm, relationship concerns, religious conflict, marijuana dependence, low grades, poor attendance, and more. You can learn more how art therapy works here.

Family Counseling and Art Therapy

Do you want a better relationship with your teen? In family art therapy, I specialize in helping adolescents and parent(s) build a closer relationship. Art therapy can address conflict, develop communication skills, enhance understanding, and provide a safe space to explore difficult topics. By incorporating art, the process is infused with laughter, play, and new memories. You can learn more about how art therapy works here.

Relationship Counseling and Art Therapy

I find the term "couples counseling" limiting. Whatever the nature of your relationship (partnered, living separately, queer, married, open, poly, etc.), art therapy can help you to resolve conflict, develop communication skills, enhance understanding, find the passion again, and create a rich, meaningful relationship. You can learn more about how art therapy works here.  

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