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Art Therapy Services 

Weekly Art Therapy

I work with adults who want to liberate themselves from exhaustion and emotional overwhelm. Using art therapy, we dismantle what no longer serves you and help you create the the life you want. We meet weekly for 45 minute virtual sessions to make powerful, long-lasting change in your life.

I specialize in the following :

Expressive art painting made by Art Therapist Jackie Schuld in Tucson, Arizona.
Expressive Art Portrait made by Art Therapist Jackie Schuld in Tucson, Arizona.

INtEnsive Art Therapy

When an unexpected event or crisis hits, we often need someone who can offer an unbiased ear and help us discern what our intuition is telling us. Intensive art therapy is designed for just that. We meet for 3 hrs to explore what is impacting you, what your intuition is telling you, and make a plan for your next steps. Intensives are designed for people who are not interested in ongoing therapy, but need temporary help to navigate a crisis. Learn more here.

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