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Grief is a Mess

Probably one of the best we have come across so far. It is amazing how much can be captured in a few illustrations and words. We enjoyed the variety of animals, expressions, and depictions of a way a person in grief could feel. We recommend it for folks of any age. 
Program Staff
The Dougy Center for Grieving Children and Families
Finally, a book helpful for any age that speaks authentically, entertainingly and concisely about grief.  Author/illustrator Jackie Schuld shares her triple gift of artistry, insight and humor.
Ping Ho, MA, MPH
Founding Director, UCLArts and Healing
What a warm, endearing, encouraging book that gives folks an inside glimpse into the mess we call "grief." I love this little book, and Jackie Schuld's illustrations are simply precious! I couldn't stop smiling because the animal drawings are so sweet.  I'm sure this book will be a blessing and a help to everyone who reads it. Grief Is a Mess is a treasure!
Judy Brizendine
Author, Stunned By Grief and Stunned By Grief Journal
The book is unusual, refreshing and the illustrations are exceptional. It is well-suited for anyone coping with a significant loss who wants an easy read - which is important. When grief is at its freshest, concentration is at its worst. Therefore long books sit unread.

It is also the first book I have seen that is good for adults as well as children. It would be great for a family read together.

I gave my copy to a client last week and said to put it on her nightstand for when she was finished pretending she was fine for the sake of others - and needed to get in touch with the truth: grief has made her life a mess.

Lastly - I am often asked to suggest a gift book for someone whose family member has died. This book is now at the top of my list.

Vicki Panagotacos, PhD FT
Grief and Loss Counselor
A quick-read with fun, powerful, and educational lessons on the grief journey.  The author’s use of illustrations makes this book a great teaching tool for any age.  A great resource for those who are grieving a loss as well as those who are helping someone who has experienced a loss.
Dora Carpenter, CPC
Author – Speaker – Coach – Mentor

Grief is a beast that swallows you up. It isolates, alienates and turns you into someone you and those closest to you may not recognize—and probably don’t like a whole lot. In short, as Jackie Schuld has titled her excellent new book, “Grief Is a Mess.” Jackie marshals the gallows humor that comes with grief, then adds her own whimsical illustrations. This is a book for anyone in the throes of grief, or for anyone seeking to understand someone else’s sadness. Grief is no laughing matter, but Jackie’s book will make you smile.

Elizabeth Mehren
Professor, Boston University, and author, “Born Too Soon” and “After the Darkest Hour.”
If I could summarize grief in one short phrase it would be "grief is a mess." If you find yourself grieving, you know the truth of this title. Jackie has written and illustrated the messiness of grief in such a way she offers you three gifts. "Grief is a Mess” normalizing the grieving process, helping readers know they are not crazy. This book also gives the reader language and pictures to understand themselves and their reactions as they find themselves saying, "Me too!" It also creates a bridge to others as a tangible way to share what’s going on during this season. Whether you are a kid or an adult, "Grief is a mess" is a must have book.
Amy Young
Author of “Looming Transitions”
A poignant, whimsical portrayal of grief that is sure to touch the hearts of those who are grieving and give greater understanding to those who are supporting them.
Fredda Wasserman, MA, MPH, LMFT, CT
Clinical Director of Adult Programs and Education
Our House Grief Support Center
Jackie Schuld's Grief is a Mess is vibrant account of the complexities of grief. Through vivid color illustration, Schuld demonstrates how we all experience a loss differently. Perfect for both adults and children, Grief is a Mess speaks to anyone whose lost someone, but feels like no one understands. Take a journey through real, messy grief, and get a copy of Schuld's book today!
J. Dana Trent
Author of "Saffron Cross"
Schuld has written a book that acknowledges that often times, Grief is a Mess. All too often grieving folks believe that they must grieve in stages, which is simply not true. Her book illustrates how differently we all grieve and that it is a lifelong process. Although Grief is a Mess, it is also an experience of meaning making, post traumatic growth, and building one's resilience.
Barbara Rubel,
Author, "But I Didn't Say Goodbye: Helping Children and Families After a Suicide" 
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