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Jackie Schuld Art Therapy Blog

The Slayer of Autistic Creativity

It’s Saturday. I have no plans for today. I’m sitting on my couch with my favorite drink (a blended iced coffee) and some food. It’s quiet. I can see my dog sleeping on the porch. These are the perfect parameters for writing an essay.

And yet, I don’t feel like it.


I am tired.

Ah, exhaustion. My old friend - and the slayer of autistic creativity.

I am currently in the middle of closing my art therapy studio. Next week will be my last week with in-person clients as I transition to a fully online private practice. It’ll also be the beginning of me packing up all of my items and moving from Arizona to the east coast.

It’s a lot of change. It’s a lot of moving parts. It’s a lot of decision-making. It’s a lot of goodbyes.

Illustration of a grumpy expressioned animal in bed holding a stuffed cactus by artist Jackie Schuld.
Illustration by Jackie Schuld

It’s all just a lot. And I am exhausted.

So although today I can actually get a break from it all and do whatever I like... I feel like doing nothing. My brain is so spent that I don’t have the energy to clearly articulate my thoughts about autism. I have a long list of autism essays I would like to write.

I could force myself into it, but I know the writing would come out subpar.

Furthermore, I write for the joy of it. It is normally my favorite thing to do. Right now though, I just don’t have the mental capacity.

This is frustrating as an autistic with a special interest. I just want to spend time doing the thing I love.

It’s also hard to accept. I want the reality to be something other than what it is. However, I cannot change the inevitable energy demands that come with major life transitions, like transitioning a business or moving. It depletes my energy because these things require energy. My body is responding in a perfectly normal way to normal demands.

And yet I still wish it was something else. I wish it was something I could change. I wish it was something I could address and problem-solve.

Instead, the best course of action is to accept that this is my reality and honor what my brain needs - which is mental and physical rest.

Next week will be my last week with my in-person clients. It will mark the beginning of when I start breaking down my studio as well. This will require more mental and physical energy.

So not only am I recuperating from the energy loss of last week, but I also need to shore up for the upcoming energy demands.

And that means there temporarily may not be space for my creativity.


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