Book Discussion Guide

  • What stood out to you most about the book? 

  • Which illustration did you identify with the most? Why?

  • What sorts of emotional symptoms of grief have you experienced?

  • What sorts of physical symptoms of grief have you experienced?

  • If you were to draw an animal depicting your grief, what animal would you choose and what would it be doing?

  • How has your grief changed over time?

  • How has your experience with grief differed from others'?

  • How has your grief changed you?

  • What have you learned from experiencing grief?

  • How do you cope with grief?

  • Is there any aspect of grief you feel the author/illustrator should have included in her book?

  • What helps you in your grieving process?

  • How could others best support you?

  • How can you reach out to others to get the support you need?

  • How can you help another person in grief?  

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