As a mental health counselor and art therapist, I am trained to treat a variety of concerns (anxiety, depression, etc.) and help individuals with these every day. Due to my life experiences and personal passions, I am especially interested in the topics of identity and grief/loss. Through additional training, work/volunteer experiences, and personal study, these areas are my specialties in my therapeutic practice.   

Identity and Self-Empowerment

I help individuals who want a personal identity and life that it primarily determined by their own inner guidance.


Identity is how we choose to define ourselves. It can include our thoughts, beliefs, actions, personality, experiences, and more. 


Due to a culture/society that can be very demanding and externally focused, we often shape our identity around things outside of us. 

  • We think we're not "good enough"

  • We wish we were smarter, healthier, calmer, wiser...

  • We believe we need to stay fit to be attractive

  • We remain in crippling jobs to stay secure and safe

  • We overload our schedules to meet all the demands

  • We stay in relationships that don't serve us

  • We believe we always need more money

  • We feel like we must do more and be more


Life was meant to be so much more than this.

Take Back the Power

Identity exploration and individuation is a process of empowerment. We take back the power from external factors and learn to possess it ourselves. We will work together to:

  • Shift out of fear of what others think of you

  • Recognize and release limiting patterns or beliefs that were instilled in childhood

  • Explore the inner self and what nourishes it

  • Determine what is internally-based and what is externally-based

  • Construct an identity based on your own soul

  • Shift from needing external validation to knowing and trusting yourself

Examples of People I've worked with 


  • Those who are overwhelmed and exhausted by life 

  • People who feel they are paradoxically "too much" and "not enough"

  • Women and femmes who are exhausted by misogyny, patriarchy, and the weight of showing up as a woman in the world

  • High-achievers who want to shift from always achieving to enjoying the present

  • Adults who grew up in religious environments and want to find a new way of being

  • People with a history of choosing unhealthy relationships

  • Individuals struggling to accept their bodies

  • Adults who have everything they need, but still don't feel happy

Family Art Therapy Tucson


Grief is different for every person.


There is no set road map through it - as much as we all wish there was.

Every person needs different things on their journey after loss and I seek to tailor therapy to those needs. Some individuals come in utterly lost and in a fog. Some come in angry. Others wonder why they don't feel more. Some just want the pain to stop.


Art therapy provides a protected space for a person to explore their needs on their journey. In therapy, this can look like: 

  • Expressing and exploring sadness, rage, and other emotions 

  • Examining connected losses (way of life, future dreams, etc.)

  • Determining next steps (wading through legalities, finances, moves, etc.)

  • Exploring identity (who are we without this person present?)

  • Examining the impact of loss on current relationships

Examples of Who I've Worked With​:

  • Individuals with traumatic loss (the sudden death of a loved one, etc.)

  • Spouses who lost their partners

  • Teens whose parent died from cancer

  • Adults who lost a parent 

  • Individuals who lost loved ones to suicide

  • Teens who lost a sibling  

  • Parents who experienced a miscarriage

Relationship Art Therapy