Internship Update

June 30, 2017

It’s hard to believe how much time has already passed with our summer internship. I think I have probably learned more than my interns! Through all of our brainstorming sessions and discussion times, I’ve discovered a lot about my personal artistic goals and vision for my art endeavors. It has helped me to discern what is worth my time and effort, and what just simply isn’t.


Enough about my experience though! Here’s two of my students and their take on our internship.


Hello, my name is Molly McAllister and I am one of the interns, out of three, Miss Jackie has hired for the summer. This experience that I have had over the last couple weeks with the other interns and Miss Jackie herself have been truly amazing.


We’ve done so much already and learned quite a bit, from coming up with ideas to help Miss Jackie with her work to how to start social media marketing. We’ve also helped come up with ideas on how to start us off with getting our work out into social media for future plans.


This internship is something I have been extremely excited about doing for the summer. I have helped Miss Jackie a couple times with small workshops, planning and giving ideas mostly, she has done on the side besides her job as an art teacher before and it was a good learning experience and fun to do. It’s really cool that I get to learn all these new skills on how to contact people, go outside the box with ideas and teamwork so far with the other interns.


Everything has been going really great for the interns, at least I want to believe so. We have all become really good friends and seem like a lively bunch. We like to spout out our ideas and things that are on our minds to Miss Jackie when we get the chance and work things out to come up with a solution together.


Hi! My name Is Myiah Duffy. I was one of 3 students chosen for this summer intership, and to my surprise it has been very interesting. I didn't really know what to expect. Soon after we started I began to realize that this internship wasn't just about helping Jackie. It quickly became a fun learning experience for us all.


I've spent close time with now two wonderful friends and a caring teacher. We've used our time learning how to run certain aspects of a business, how to advertise all throughout social media, the very important skill of how to e-mail market, how to brainstorm and follow through with large projects and learn how to trust everyones opinions and work together to use eachothers skills to all of our advantage. Aside from this program being very good resume material, she actually is teaching us great skills that can really help us in the future and I couldn’t be more grateful.


To give you a snapshot into what we've been doing, last week we all did work on e-mail marketing first thing in the morning. After a little while of that she started giving us little side projects that we would rotate around to keep everyone in the loop of things and to give our minds little breaks from the more tedious work.


Throughout the day one of us worked on sketching an art piece, one of us focused on reviewing and sending out the photographs we took of art pieces. We talked about ideas for her website.


We also helped her finish the rough draft for her book “How to Get out of a Bad Mood.” It's been a project for weeks but we finally did it!


We even had time to continue designing one of her other books that is full of grief art activities. We were also able to discuss and determine the proper wording and page usage for her children edition vs. her adult edition.


To cap it all off we were able to come together and figure out how to organize our newest Youtube video discussing grief and answering questions on how to handle it.


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