My Crazy Book Ideas

April 20, 2015

In a recent post about my life as an artist (read it here), I mentioned that I am a starter. I am continually coming up with new ideas and projects, frequently getting caught in the fun and energy of something new.


Due to all of my fun ideas, it often takes an immense amount of will-power and concentration to get my current projects done. 


Thus, I write my ideas down in a book, storing them away for a later day. I have all sorts of ideas, but for this blog post, I've put together all of my zany ideas for books I'd like to write/create. 


Funny enough, when I write down a book idea, I also include a note as to why I'm currently not pursuing it. I call it my "Veto."


Thus, without further ado, my ideas...


Illustrated Humorous Books for Adults

  • "Grief Sucks." This is a humorous book about the many aspects of grief. I've actually written it all out and did preliminary sketches for the majority of the book.

    • Veto: Emotionally, it's a very hard book to work on because I'm still grieving the loss of my mum.

    • Here's an example illustration:




  • "Odd Animals in Love." I'd like to take the "Animals in Love" cartoons I made on my website and use them as the basis for a humorous book. I'd make additional illustrations and add some sort of text to keep it funny.

    • Veto: I have no idea what to do for the text

    • Here's an example illustration for the book:

  • "Dad and I are Besties." I never in my life would have guessed that my dad and I would spend so much time together now. This book would be a funny compilation of cartoons about our ironic moments together.  

    • Veto: Not sure if this book would really be funny to anyone else. 

    • Here's an Example Cartoon: 

  • "I Don't Know What to Do with my Life." It would be a humorous book in which I reflect on all of the careers I've considered and/or pursued. I would start with one page that would state my career idea, then the next page would explain how I pursued it and why I eventually dropped it.  For example, "Maybe I should be a doctor. After $24,000 in student loans and 62 credits of science in one year at a prestigious pre-medical program, I don't think science fascinates me enough." I'd have a funny little illustration to go with it. 

    • Veto: Bringing negativity into the world

  • "Chemo Sucks." When my mum was going through chemo, I made her this cartoon book. I'd like to redo the images (some of the cartoons are only funny because they are inside jokes between my mum and I). 

    • Veto: It has been so long since I've been around Chemo. I'm not sure I'd know how to make it funny anymore

    • Here's the original cover of the book I made for mum:


  • ​"I Think My Head is Going to Explode." This idea actually just occured to me. I think it would be hilarious to make a book about worrying. It'd be about all of the crazy aspects of worrying. I'd illustrate it with over-exaggerated cartoons. I'd probably have to co-write it with my sister - who is a master worrier. Haha (Squam, if you're reading this, I love you).

    • Veto: Not sure I have enough ideas to make an entire book out of this.

  • "I Love You. I Hate You." This would be a book about sisters. It'd be filled with funny scenarios in which you love your sister one moment and then hate her the next. And vice-versa. It'd be more of a Hallmark type book. The kind you stick in a stalking for Christmas.

    • Veto: Need to come up with what I'd actually say.

    • Here's a good pic of the kind of thing I'm envisioning: 

  • "Choose Your Own Adventure" Okay, obviously this idea already exists and I'd need to change the title. I think it would be fun to make a choose your own adventure book for adults with realistic funny scenarios. It could include things like going on dates, quitting jobs, etc. There wouldn't be a lot of words. More like funny pics and a really loose story line. Maybe I could do a bunch of different books related to different themes. Like, "Choose Your Own Adventure: Dating." "Choose Your Own Adventure: Picking a Major."

    • Veto: I have no idea what the story would actually be. 

  • "I Saw Life as It Was." I'm not really sure what to call this book. It would be a collection of stories I wrote as a kid. I have all of the stories. The crazy part is that the stories are INSANE. There are ones where my mother is the actual devil. I have no idea what my little mind was up to. I think this book could actually be quite funny, especially if I illustrate the ridiculous parts of each story.

    • Veto: Not sure it would really be that funny.

    • Here's a funny little pic I drew as a kid to illustrate one of my stories: 


  • ​"I'm the Master Procrastinator." This would be a funny book about all of the crazy ways to procrastinate. I think I'd end the book by just randomly stopping. Like I procrastinated too much and didn't get it done.

    • Veto: Would anyone really want this book anyways?

  • "Post-Surgery 101." This is another comic book I made for my mum when she was going to have surgery. Again, a lot of the jokes are inside jokes between mum and I, so I would need to remake it. 

    • Veto: Not sure I know enough about surgery now to make it funny

    • Here's one of the cartoons I did for the book: 

Illustrated Books for Adults

  • "Art Reflections on Mom's Terminal Illness." During the time that mum had terminal cancer, I made drawings and pieces of art to help me deal with the pain of it. I've thought about gathering all of these drawings together into a book and aslo explaining what each image meant to me. 

    • Veto: How would I make this not be negative? I'm worried the pictures are too intense. And what would my family think?

    • Here's one of the illustrations I made: 



  • "Facing Fear." While my mum was in Hawaii, she asked me one day to help her illustrate a book about her fears. On notecards, she wrote out her main fears/concerns. On the other side, she wrote a quote or scripture verse to help her overcome that fear. She wanted me to make funny cartoons of her fears so she could laugh at herself. We were never able to finish the book. I'd like to go ahead and finish the book, expanding the fears to ones that aren't just specific to my mother.

    • Veto: Not sure I can handle the emotions of such a book. I'd also like to make it applicable to people who are not religious, but I'm not sure how well that would sit with my mum.

    • Here's one of the cartoons I made for mum, depicting her fear of looking like she was pregnant due to her massive tumor growth. She chose the quote below to help her overcome the fear. 

​​Nonfiction Books for Adults

  • "Falling in Love with Life." I have such a hard time enjoying and loving life sometimes. There is so much good in my life, but I always manage to get hung-up on things. Especially since mum has died, I've struggled with how to truly use my life and understand what brings it meaning. I thought I could write this book as I figure out how to fall in love with life.

    • Veto: I haven't fallen in love with life yet. Haha

  • "I Could Have Handled that Better." This would be a book about the crazy things that have happened in my life and how I could have handled many of them better.

    • Veto: Not sure I'm ready to publically admit to all of my failures. Especially those that involve other people.

  • "Now What?" This would be a book about figuring out what to do with your life. I came up with this idea because I want a book that would solve this problem for me. Haha.

    • Veto: I cannot figure out what to do with my life, let alone give advice.

Books for Teens

  • "Getting Through It" I'm also unsure what to title this book. It would be for teenage girls and would be about making it through rough times. It'd be a compilation of stories and advice targeting specific issues. I'd also include a lot of art and art activities for teens to do. I feel like I should write this book because being a teen sucked for me and I feel there is a lot I have to offer teen girls. 

    • Veto: I really need to sit down and think about what I would say. Need to also research what already exists for teens out there.


Children's Book

  • "Dunkle the Vegetarian Dino" I actually wrote/illustrated this book for my sister a long time ago. It's about a baby dinosaur who refuses to eat meat. I'd like to redo the illustrations, expand it (it's only 15 pages long and kid's books need to have 32 pages total), and change the ending.

    • Veto: Not quite sure how to expand the book. I also don't want to be too preachy about vegetarianism. I also need a different ending

    • Here's a pic from the original book: 


  • "Georgette Loses Her Hair." I'm not sure about the title for this book. My Auntie Rita actually had the idea. She thought it'd be a good idea to make a book about an animal who loses its hair to help kids whose parents lose their hair through chemo or some other health condition.

    • Veto: Haven't felt emotionally ready to tackle this issue.

  • "My Sister is a Better Ballerina." I've actually already written this book. It's about a flamingo whose sister is a better Ballerina. The purpose of the book is to help sibling pairs in which one has a more developed talent than the other. I even came up with some character sketches. However, since writing it, I've realized the story does a lot more "telling" than "showing." My cousin Marni also had some good ideas of things that could add to story that I want to work in.

    • Veto: Need to redo the story. 

    • Here's a pic of what I was envisioning: 


That's It

Those are my book ideas for the time being. If there is one that caught your interest and you think I should focus on, just let me know in the comments or by email at I'd also love to hear any ideas or things you feel should be included in the books. 

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