Understanding Abstract Art

March 17, 2015

I know many individuals find abstract art to be frustrating. While at galleries of abstract art, I have heard visitors incredulously proclaim, "I could make that!"


I'm sure many visitors could replicate a piece of abstract art. In terms of technique, it would not be that difficult.


However, it takes far more discernment and soul to create a piece of abstract art. There is far more to consider than just slapping paint down. What will the colors be? What will the composition be? How large should it be? What type of brush strokes? Should brushes even be used at all? What should the art piece convey? What feeling can the audience be left with?


These are all questions I consider when creating an abstract piece. I frequently use art to expel and examine emotions within me. Thus, as I paint, I also consider questions such as, "How do I help the viewer feel what I am feeling? How do I take this ugly emotion and create something beautiful with it? How do I convey this feeling without overwhelming the viewer?" 


I'll be starting a series on "Understanding Abstract Art" by explaining my abstract paintings. I'll explain what I was hoping to convey, why I made the artistic choices I did, and how I made it.


There is a joy that comes with creating. There is also a deep, soulful feeling of satisfaction when a piece of art enables me to connect with another human being. It is my hope that my series on "Understanding Abstract Art" will help others connect to art, people, and themselves better. 



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