Benefits of a Summer Internship


Summer is moving like lightening! Luckily, here in Tucson we actually have lightening now that it is monsoon season.


I cannot believe my month-long student internship is over. Every day was packed with so much that it just flew by.


Some of our accomplishments included:

  • Creating YouTube videos

  • Brainstorming and designing art activities for grief

  • Designing logos and postcards

  • Displaying artwork at a local market

  • Completing email marketing campaigns

  • Brainstorming and creating the rough draft for a new book

  • Learning how to take professional photographs of artwork

Of everything we did, my favorite part was brainstorming ideas together. It was fun to hear their different ideas and perspectives.


However, getting tasks accomplished was not the full purpose of the internship. I wanted to help high school students learn new skills, see how a business is run, and gain work experience.


So here is how the internship went in the eyes of my students:




 Hey there it’s Molly here! Today is June 28, 2017, our last day for Ms. Jackie’s internship. These last four weeks with the other interns and Ms. Jackie herself have been really fun and amazing. I’ve learned a lot about each of them and many new skills that could help me quite a bit in the future.


A couple skills I learned are social media marketing, which is how to get your art or business out onto social media to get people to notice you.


I’ve learned how to work together with others better as well as being able to work around each others plans or ideas to get something we all can agree on. On that note, I’ve learned how to think outside the box and not be afraid to shout out or tell others my ideas no matter how crazy they can be. Which helped with Ms. Jackie’s next couple of books she’s planning on publishing.


Email marketing has been a big thing especially with working with Ms. Jackie. I learned how to make a spreadsheet for people I have emailed as well as how hard it is to actually find the appropriate group of people to actually send an email to about what I would be trying to sell or promote to them.  


I also learned a little bit about digital editing with a logo I have created and edited on an iPad. It was extremely difficult to get used to and I had to start over three times but it was fun once I got the hang of it and liked how it turned out.  


We’ve been working on a lot as well as planning many things for Ms. Jackie for the  future. One thing she is planning for is an online gallery for the third week of August and I'm quite looking forward to seeing how that is gonna turn out.  


Working with Ms. Jackie made me realize how much I wanna help my mother publish a book she wants to create. I’ve learned a lot from this experience and somethings on what a publisher must do to actually publish a book. I think I can finally make my mother's dream come true from this all because of this internship.


So for all of this I just want to say thank you Ms. Jackie for choosing me as an intern and help me learn so much about social media marketing, an inside view on a publisher and illustrator view for making a book and helping me learn all these new skills for these past couple weeks. You’re the best!




Sadly this is our last day of the internship. In just 4 weeks I've not only gained great experience, but I've learned so many skills that can help me further my dreams of running my own business!


Before we started i didn't even know what e-mail marketing was, but now I know very good ways to create, organize, and operate my own marketing system! My mind is blown discovering how technical and useful social media networks are and how much work it actually takes to run a strong account.


I was able to hand design a few logos that are actually going to be incorporated in real life situations. We worked everyday on brainstorming, creating, editing, and organizing original books that will soon be produced into wonderful life changing or at least extremely helpful tools for everyone no matter the age!


I learned that Youtube videos are a whole lot more stressful than they seem…. Well at least the being on camera part. Before all of this I didn't even know that taking photographs of things like artwork was such an elaborate process sometimes.


Aside from the work that we did we also shared a lot of laughs and really fun times. I really loved the time we made our first instagram story together. Ms.Jackie on accident sent out a very awkward picture of herself and we just spent minutes laughing our heads off. Especially since we all had to climb on furniture to get around for a couple weeks while renovations were  in process. This truly has been one of the most helpful and fun times of my life.




Today, Wednesday June 28, 2017, is the final day of our Social Media Marketing Internship, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say this is a bitter-sweet moment. These past four weeks have been an experience of a lifetime and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We’ve gained both experience and friendship all in one place, what could be better?


The skills I’ve learned, which include; designing logos, implementing book ideas, recording and editing Youtube Videos, email marketing, etc, will go on to benefit me in my future, especially things like teamwork and brainstorming ideas as a group.


One of my favorite parts of this experience was helping Ms. Jackie on her quest to writing a “choose your own adventure” book, it was amazing to see the ideas we just threw out there in brainstorming sessions actually become a reality.


Another enjoyable thing was the work environment itself, our contrasting personalities allow us all to bring different perspectives to any concept we’re discussing, which often produces amazing ideas.


I want to give a big shoutout to my fellow interns, Molly and Myiah, you guys are awesome! Thank you for always supporting my ideas, and never letting me put myself down. I also want to thank Ms. Jackie once again for this wonderful experience, because I not only made friends, learned new skills, but you also gave me something to do this summer :). I love you guys! Ciao, for now!



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