Size: 20" x 210"

Medium: Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Info: Made 2017. "Finding Kindness" is one of ten paintings in my series, "Exploring Anxiety." This painting started w the face of a woman that I then covered w flowers. I just kept adding flowers and with time I realized that thoughts are like flowers - they are beautiful and unique. I kept adding flowers because it was fun and pretty soon my woman began to disappear. Which is just what happens with anxiety! With so many thoughts at once, I often lose myself. The painting became chaotic with all the flowers so I started layering bits of white over it, shaping them into gentle leaves. Just like how we can reclaim ourselves from our thoughts. This painting taught me kindness for my thoughts. Sometimes I focus on how overwhelming the sheer amount of thoughts are, instead of realizing each thought is trying to benefit me differently. 

Finding Kindness