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Questions to Align Your Private Practice with Pleasure Activism

adrianne maree brown believes that the positive, contributory work we do in the world can be filled with pleasure. Her book “Pleasure Activism” is filled with stories and essays about how our activist pursuits do not have to deplete us, but can fill us with pleasure. The important things we want to do in the world can be fueled by happiness and bring us happiness.

Her book made me think about the mental health field and how many therapists I know who are burnt out and depleted. Therapists who genuinely want to help in the world, but certainly don’t feel the work is filling their lives with joy, happiness, and pleasure.

Art cards by Jackie Schuld to give to her private practice clients at the end of their therapy sessions

Private practice is a vehicle to escape jobs defined and constricted by corrupt systems and greedy companies. Private practices are a therapists’ opportunity to design their work based on pleasure activism.

To aid in this effort, I’ve come up with a list of questions to help therapists align their private practice with what feels good for them.

  • How do you want to feel at the end of your work day?

  • What topics do you most enjoy delving into in therapy with clients?

  • What types of services leave you feeling most energized (individual, family, couples, groups, supervisions, etc.)?

  • What is the maximum number of clients you can see in a day and still feel you have extra energy for your personal life?

  • What would be your ideal availability for client hours?

  • How many clients can you have on your caseload and have it not energetically tax you?

  • If your ideal private practice was up and running smoothly right now, what would be different about your life?

  • What personal strengths and beliefs will support you as align your practice with pleasure activism?

These questions are the foundation that I use to help therapists create their ideal private practices. When we make decisions from pleasure - from a space of expansiveness, we can ensure that ripples into our clients.


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This is excellent. The allowance and entitlement for pleasure inclines my being to relax and be present! :)


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